Cultus Lake Community Association

How the Community Association Benefits Cultus Lake Park

We have directed the Market in the Park for 12 years.


We have sponsored two General Meetings a year to give residents a forum for discussing events in the park and have worked with senior levels of government (FVRD) to sponsor and assist at additional community meetings when there is a matter of special interest.


We have placed flowering baskets in the Cultus Lake Village.


We have sponsored Public Meetings regarding the sewer and  water issues at Cultus Lake and other Community general meetings with guest speakers who speak on matters of interest to residents.


We have published "The View" twice a year.


Executive members regularly attend Park Board meetings to inform the Board of what the Association is doing and to learn what the Park Board is doing.  If we have been told of specific concerns of residents we will bring these up at a meeting as well.
We have met with Park Board senior staff if we are aware of concerns in the community
We receive and respond to e-mails from residents who have questions about what's happening in the Park and helping them find information on specific issues.



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